A New Beginning

Grace Publications Trust began with the publication of its hymnbook, Grace Hymns, in the 1970s. Since 1981 it has been publishing a series of simplified condensed classics. The first of these was Life By His Death, a modernisation and abridgement of John Owen’s classic work, “The death of death in the death of Christ”. Over 20 such classics have since been produced, but GPT’s magnum opus is undoubtedly the series on church history by Nick Needham, 2000 Years of Christ’s Power, of which three volumes have been published, with a fourth due to appear in 2016.

Other books by lesser-known modern authors, such as Clifford Pond, Frank Allred, Eric Lane, Tom Watson, Peter Naylor and Ernest Kevan, to name but a few, have added variety to its repertoire.

However, recent changes in the world of Christian publishing have had a significant effect on Grace Publications Trust's distribution arrangements and publishing programme. New titles will generally be jointly published with Christian Focus Publications. The first fruits of this cooperation are now available (see Latest Publications).

In September, Nick Needham's church history, 2000 Years of Christ's Power, should become available in a new hardback edition. This will include the long-awaited fourth volume, which brings the story up to the eighteenth century.

Almost all of the stock of our earlier titles has now been sold. Copies of Christian Marriage are still available from 10ofthose.

The hymnal Praise! which succeeded Grace Hymns, although published by a separate Trust, is also stocked and distributed by 10ofthose.

Information about our books can be found on this website. Enquiries, other than book orders, can be directed to

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