Our Purpose

Grace Publications Trust is a not for profit organisation that exists to glorify God by making the truth of Godís Word (as declared in the Baptist Confessions of 1689 and 1966) clear and understandable, so that:

  • Christians will be helped to preach Christ
  • Christians will know Christ better and delight in him more
  • Christians will be equipped to live for Christ
  • Seekers will come to know Christ

In prayerful dependence on God, we seek to achieve this purpose by:

  1. Providing Daily Bible Reading notes.
  2. Simplifying Christian Classics so that they can be translated into other languages and used by all nations in the developing world or where English is a second language.
  3. Developing a series of modern Christian ďclassicsĒ on doctrinal themes that are suitable for translation into developing world languages or where English is a second language.
  4. Providing Bible Aids to enhance the understanding of Christian teaching.
  5. Developing a body of literature that presents Godís grace through history and his provision and purpose for his church and Christian believers.
  6. Developing a series of simple Bible Commentaries suitable for the developing world or where English is a second language.
  7. Developing the use of electronic media to communicate Christian beliefs
  8. Identifying and encouraging gifted writers and presenters passionate for the doctrines of grace to use their skills to communicate Godís truth.
  9. Working in partnership with Grace Baptist Mission, Grace Baptist Churches and other like-minded organisations and churches throughout the world.
  10. Constantly reassessing the material we produce to ensure that unchanging spiritual needs are addressed making the best use of changing technology.

Our Values

The Word of God is the foundation of everything that Grace Publications Trust does and the way we do it. This means that we will aim:

  • To be conscious that we act as representatives of God in this world.
  • To reflect Godís grace in our relationships.
  • To do everything honestly and openly, seeking to demonstrate biblical integrity in all our transactions.
  • To treat people with respect at all times.
  • To conduct our business in a professional manner.
  • To value the voluntary contribution of our supporters.

Our Publications

One of the primary reasons for establishing Grace Publications Trust was to publish books that promote Baptist principles. These have included titles such as Special Children: a theology of childhood and I Want To Be Baptised (both by Eric Lane); Baptism by Brian Russell; and Should Babies Be Baptised? by T.E. Watson.

Probably the most influential area of Grace Publications Trustís publishing programme is a series of simplified and abridged Christian classics. The aim is to make great works from the past more accessible to modern readers. They provide the essence of great Christian works of the past in language that is both contemporary and simple. These small paperbacks, with short chapters, have proved to be a great introduction to Christian classics for busy people who donít have the time or the inclination to work their way through the originals, as well as for people whose native language is not English. Over 20 titles have been produced in this series, ranging from Lutherís Bondage of the Will and Calvinís Institutes, through Puritan authors like John Owen and Jonathan Edwards, to nineteenth century writers such as J.C. Ryle.

The Christian Classics series has now been replaced by Grace Essentials. Some of the Christian classics will be reissued in the Grace Essentials series, along with new simplified modernisations of great books from the past.

A third aspect of Grace Publications Trustís publishing work is a series of books on church history, entitled ď2000 Years of Christís PowerĒ. The author is Dr Nick Needham, who teaches church history at the Highland Theological College. Four volumes are available so far, covering the early church; the medieval period; the Renaissance and Reformation; and the age of religious conflict that followed the Reformation. Dr Needham writes very clearly, and these books are a superb introduction to the subject, written for ordinary Christians rather than specialist historians.

Over the years, a variety of other books have also been published by Grace Publications. These include doctrinal, evangelistic and biographical books from contemporary authors (not all of whom are Baptists). We welcome offers of new manuscripts that fit in with our purpose (see above) and would also like to hear from anyone who would like to propose and help in the simplification of an older classic. However, we recommend that you contact one of the editors (email with your suggestions before embarking on a major writing project. It may be that someone else is already working on something similar! We will not be able to guarantee acceptance of a manuscript until we have seen the final version, but we may be able to offer some advice on the suitability of the proposed book, and can also provide some guidelines on style and format. This can save time for everyone at a later stage in the editorial process.

Grace Publications Trust also produces daily Bible-reading notes, the Geneva Bible Notes.

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