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Six of our other books are also available as ebooks in both .mobi (for Kindle) and .epub (for other ereaders) formats.

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Christ's Return as King of Kings
Christís Return as King of Kings is a comprehensive biblical and devotional study of the second coming of Jesus Christ. The world is moving towards the glorious return of our Lord. Christís return will manifest the victory of God over sin, death and Satan, bringing greater glory to his Name. History is the outworking of God's purposes, and all God's purposes centre on the first and second comings of Christ to the world.
Foundations of the Christian Faith
Roger Weil has written this book to help individual Christians to gain a clearer understanding of the fundamental teachings of their faith, and to provide preachers and Bible-class leaders with outlines of the central themes of the Bible in order to help them in their preaching and teaching.
God's Greatest Blessing
Frank Allred suggests that adoption is the greatest of Godís blessings because it embraces all the other blessings of the gospel. Every believer will be enriched by considering the wonders of what God has done to make us his children, the responsibilities that it implies, and the glorious future that awaits us.
The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed
This is an exposition of Christ's prayer in John 17 by Brian Russell.
The Lord's Supper
The latest addition to Grace Publications 'Great Classic' Series is actually two books in one. It combines Ernest Kevanís work on the Lordís Supper with some communion addresses given by C. H. Spurgeon at Mentone.
Christ In Exodus
For many Christians, the Old Testament is like a locked chest: they believe it contains priceless treasure, but they have difficulty finding the key. This book is written to explain how Christ is at the heart of the Old Testament, and the book of Exodus in particular. Stan Evers shows in a straightforward way how we can see Jesus Christ in Exodus without resorting to bizarre allegorical interpretations. It is warm, sober and persuasive. It will be helpful to general readers and a safe guide to pastors in explaining and applying Exodus to their congregations.
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