Grace Publications Trust
Registered Office:
7 Arlington Way


Mike Adams

Mike Adams worked for around 35 years in agricultural research and continues his scientific work (much of which is editorial) on a part-time consultancy basis. For most of this time, he has also been a Bible teacher and preacher. He is currently a member of Hertford Town Church.

Don Crisp

Don Crisp studied English at University College, London, and then obtained a B.D. degree at London Bible College. He has held pastorates in London and the Midlands and has taught English in secondary schools. He retired from full-time teaching in 2008, and now exercises a wide itinerant preaching ministry among churches in the North-West.

Phil Arthur

Phil Arthur acts as Consulting Editor, with particular responsibility for 2000 Years of Christ's Power. He has been pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Lancaster since 1988.

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