Geneva Bible Notes

I remain humbled and very grateful for your matchless love and support in making these MOST VALUABLE BIBLE STUDY NOTES available to me!

We really appreciate the time and effort your contributors put in to bring us these notes, opening up the word to us in such a clear way.

I would like to express my gratitude for all the hard work and dedication which goes into the production of the Notes.

Many thanks for the Notes which are faithful to scripture.

Thank you for sending the Notes. They are helpful.

These are a few of the favourable comments received about the Geneva Bible Notes. Hardly an issue goes by without someone taking the trouble to contact the editor to convey their appreciation of these daily Bible reading notes and it has been like this for 25 years!

The Geneva Bible Notes are issued four times a year and provide daily readings with a devotional commentary.

The aim of the Geneva Bible Notes is to help "ordinary" readers gain a better understanding of the Word of God and how it applies to their daily lives. They are probably the most substantial daily Bible-reading notes available. Normally there are expositions of "blocks" of scripture, eg. 10-30 verses, depending on the type of biblical literature (although sometimes it is necessary to concentrate on just a few verses).

Most contributors are retired or serving pastors. Additional contributions are always welcome as it is hoped to build up a reserve so that books can be published in a more cohesive manner, without reprinting material published previously. Normally contributors cover a complete Bible book, but it is not always published as a single unit. Sometimes contributors provide a themed series from various scriptures or from a portion of a Bible book. If you would like to contribute or can recommend someone else, please contact the editor:

Some sample pages from the notes can be found here.

Why Geneva? The notes were originally produced by Geneva Road Baptist Church in Darlington.

The editor of the Geneva Bible Notes is Ray Tibbs. He served in pastoral ministry for 23 years and then as Editorial Director of GO TEACH. He is married with three daughters and is an elder at Upton Baptist Church, Chester.He can be contacted at

The Geneva Bible Notes may be ordered from your local Christian Bookshop or from Gospel Cards etc, 15 Brackla Street Centre, Bridgend, CF31 1DD: email telephone 01656 647551.

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