An Alarm to the Unconverted

An Alarm to the Unconverted

Joseph Alleine
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What is conversion? What does it look like? And why does it matter? Joseph Alleine addresses these questions and more in this book, pleading with the unconverted to turn to Christ. Contrasting the life of the believer with the eternity facing those who are not in Christ this passionate appeal explains not only why, but how to give your life to God.


'While using fresh language and contemporary idioms, this edition maintains the structure and direction of Alleine’s masterful book without losing any of its strident urgency and passionate concern for those who do not know Christ. Whether you are a Christian already or not, this pocket book is a highly recommended read.' 

John Benton, Director of Pastoral Support, The Pastors’ Academy, London Seminary

'Perhaps even in our tumultuous times, a renewal of interest in the clear gospel proclamation with help to drown out the distractions we all feel, rediscovering our link with the church through the ages and rejoicing for eternity that Jesus Christ has indeed saved His people from their sins (Matt. 1:21). 
Chris Larson, President & CEO, Ligonier Ministries

Joseph Alleine (1634-1668) was an English pastor and writer. He was educated at Oxford, under John Owen and Thomas Goodwin.