Summer 2024 Launch

Both an anglicised pew Bible and personal Bible are available for you and your churches to buy. You can order here … https://www.gracepublications.co.uk/collections/csb-anglicised

About the Anglicisation

The Christian Standard Bible is a reworked version of the Holman Christian Standard Bible which was published in 2004. The translation philosophy follows a path between dynamic equivalence (followed by the NIV) and formal equivalence (followed by the ESV) to achieve ‘optimal equivalence.’ See csbible.com/about-the-csb/

Being enthusiastic about the CSB as a translation, we were keen to work with Lifeway in getting the CSB anglicised. David Skull, one of our Grace Publications team, connected with Josh Green (CSB managing editor at LifeWay) and then Andrew King project managed the work going forward. Our working group comprised of Jonathan Pountney (replaced by Josiah Lindsay), Phil Heaps and Beth Babenko.

First, we identified trusted language experts in several seminaries in case a change from US English to British English raised questions about the underlying text. They were Steffen Jenkins (Union School of Theology, Bridgend), David Green (London Seminary), and Iain Duguid (Westminster Theological Seminary).

Then, we managed the process in seven work packages: global punctuation and spelling changes, and then idiomatic changes in the six chunks of Pentateuch, History, Wisdom, Prophets, NT Narrative and Epistles Bible text.

After proofreading, the new anglicised files were sent back to Lifeway for typesetting and preparation for printing.

Whilst this was a major new undertaking for us, we have been so thankful to play a small part in serving the Lord’s churches who use anglicised English. Our prayer is that this new edition will lead many people to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and build many more up to obey all the teaching in his Word.’


Andrew King, October 2023