What happens when I pray? - PDF Ebook

What happens when I pray? - PDF Ebook

Thomas Goodwin & Benjamin Palmer
Grace Essentials 15
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What are we really doing when we pray?
To whom should we pray?
Why pray if our world functions by fixed scientific laws?
Should unconverted people pray?
What spiritual benefits are gained by praying?
What about prayers that are never answered?

Such questions as these-and others-are most helpfully answered in this abridged version, written in today's English, of two famous classics from the past by Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680) and Benjamin Palmer (1818-1902).

Thomas Goodwin a Congregationalist, was one of Oliver Cromwell's top advisers and served under that generaI's appointment as president of Magdalen College. Oxford. Early in his career Goodwin was recognised as a Puritan divine of very superior powers, whose writings cast much light on the Scriptures.'

Benjamin Palmer has been described as one of the greatest and most famous preachers of America's South­ern states in the 19th century. He served both in pastoral ministry and as Seminary Professor in Columbia. He was honoured in 1861 by being appointed Moderator of the first General Assembly of the newly formed Southern Presbyterian Church