What A Comeback! follow up evangelistic book to Who Stole Christmas?

Will life begin again at Easter? It already has, says Pastor.

Last year Phil Heaps wrote his sell-out book ‘Who Stole Christmas?’.
Now, with people looking anxiously forward and wondering when lockdown
will lift, he’s written ‘What A Comeback!’.

“Who Stole Christmas really touched a nerve,” says Phil, who is
Co-Pastor of Highbury Baptist Church in London. “Even the title
perfectly captured how many folks were feeling. But now people are
asking, ‘Will Easter be the turning point?’ It’s the perfect
opportunity for Christians to show that Easter is good news, whether
or not life returns to normal.”

Phil wrote ‘What A Comeback!’ to help and encourage churches to
connect with their communities at a time when the tragedy and
uncertainty of the pandemic might make friends and neighbours more
receptive to a message of hope. Its clear-thinking, warm-hearted style
makes it ideal for widespread distribution. Churches across the
country gave away thousands of copies of ‘Who Stole Christmas?’ to
their friends and neighbours and ‘What A Comeback!’ hopes to reach an
even bigger audience. ‘What A Comeback!’ works as a great follow-on
book to “Who Stole Christmas?”, restarting the conversation, and
reengaging interest ahead of a hoped-for return to more normal church
outreach and activities.

“This little book describes a journey that changed everything, and
invites the readers to become part of that story,” says Phil.
“Whatever happens with the vaccine rollout or the new covid variants,
Easter can still be the great turning point in people’s lives…
because it was the great turning point in human history.”