What a Comeback Reviews

‘Not only is this a cogent and convincing account of the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, it has a gripping, easy-to-read style and a warm humanity about it. Who knows what God could do if we share this booklet with our friends and neighbours this Easter?’
John Benton, Pastors’ Academy, London Seminary

‘He’s back! After the success of Who Stole Christmas, numbers of people – including me! – were hoping Phil Heaps would pen something appropriate for Easter outreach. In What a Comeback he deftly challenges untenable theories with undeniable facts. Engagingly written he defends the veracity of Scripture and calls us to rejoice in the victory of the resurrection. Buy it in large quantities and distribute it as widely as possible.’
Barry King, General Secretary, Grace Baptist Partnership

‘In this simple and compelling little book, Phil Heaps explains in a clear, relevant and engaging way the eyewitness accounts of the first Easter. An excellent and timely resource for sharing why the life, death and resurrection of Jesus changes everything.’
Linda Allcock, Author & Women’s Ministry, The Globe Church – Central London

‘A really strong and personally warm account. Phil’s enthusiastic convictions come through very naturally’
Richard Simpkin, Staff team, St Helen’s Bishopsgate

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